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Festivals in Alaska

Festivals in Alaska

Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair is the annual state fair which is held in Palmer in Alaska. The festival usually begins at the end of August and is a major attraction for the people. You will find a lot of things to see and activities to do in this fair. If you are a foodie, you will find a variety of food to gorge on. And those who wish to have some extra dose of fun and thrill can choose a ride from an array of rides that are present here. There are also many carnival games that you can play, along with a lot of exhibits that you can browse through. There are many concerts also that are organized in the state fair.

Where: Palmer, Alaska
Date: Months of August-September

Alaska Festival of Native Arts

Acknowledging and celebrating one’s culture and heritage is a great way of respecting it and taking pride in it. The Alaska Festival of Native Arts is exactly that. The aim of the festival is to celebrate the native culture of Alaska. The culture includes music, dance, and traditional arts and includes various performances of groups of Alaska as well as groups from outside Alaska. It is a great place to understand the culture of Alaska. You can purchase artsy products of Alaska or even watch movies about different cultures.

Where: University of Alaska Fairbanks Brooks Building
Date: Months of February-March

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

This is one of the most exciting races that take place in Alaska. The race consists of a team of sixteen dogs who have to cover the distance from Anchorage to Nome in eight to fifteen days or more. Imagine a snow-clad surface on which furry pals are running! This is exactly how the scenario looks like! The race is super fun and is a big deal back in Alaska.

Where: Anchorage to Nome
Date: Early March